AGPW Group enters into a research agreement to field test gram negative bacteria formulated through LiveGrow™ platform.

Richland, Wash. - AGPW Group, an innovator of fermentation, manufacturing, and application of biological pesticides and stimulants, announced that it has entered into a research agreement with an agricultural cooperative to conduct field trials of a gram negative Pseudomonas fluorescens Pf-5 strain, developed through its patent-pending LiveGrow™ platform, against soil borne pathogens in peas and wheat. Trials commenced this September and are expected to complete late spring of 2017. During this collaboration, AGPW is expected to display the tremendous capabilities of its groundbreaking platform and deliver results equal to or better than chemical standard.

This collaboration came to fruition after AGPW was able to achieve excellent results in a greenhouse setting. When testing Pf-5, that was formulated through LiveGrow™ platform against Pythium, AGPW consistently delivered efficacy results that were equal to or better than chemically treated control.

"We always believed that our technology was going to deliver great results, but even we didn't think that results would be this good. When comparing to chemical control, Pf-5 formulated through our technology consistently showed 90% or better survival rate against Pythium, while chemical control ranged in 70% to 90% range. This is a groundbreaking development that will undoubtedly disrupt the crop protection industry. I believe the 20 year timeline for biologicals to become a real industry just got significantly shorter," said AGPW Group's president.

In the next three months, AGPW Group expects to enter into several more such agreements to test various organisms through its LiveGrow™ platform. Interested parties can reach out through the company's website to assess if their organism would be a current fit for AGPW's R&D strategy.

About Us

Since 2013, we have led the effort to redefine the way biological products are grown, formulated, manufactured, and delivered to the field. This effort has been full of discussion with the industry, sharing of knowledge, and strategic planning. In the end we firmly derived two conclusions: our patent-pending technology is fundamentally different from every other approach that is currently being explored by the industry AND it is truly the future of not only biological but the entire crop protection industry. The reason for our thinking is that the three biggest problems that have prohibited biologicals from making a true impact are:

  1. Their inability to consistently compete in various environments in the field.
  2. High costs associated with their production.
  3. Limited number of strains available due to limitations of current fermentation and formulation processes.

Our mission is to utilize our proprietary platform to position biological products as the main solution in the crop protection industry in the near future. We will accomplish this through our patent-pending LiveGrow™ platform that drastically redefines and improves the following aspects:

  1. Fermentation - Revolutionary fermentation process that grows any organism or consortia of organisms into active microbial products that are more effective, consistent, and cheaper than their dormant biological counterparts and as or more effective than their chemical competitors.
  2. Manufacturing - An extremely cheap manufacturing model that produces active organisms without having to make them dormant for stabilization, highly flexible to demand, 100% waste free, and tremendous potential for extended shelf life.
  3. Application - Breakthrough field application technology that delivers active microbes to the field and protects them from predation to ensure ultimate efficacy and consistency.

Through this complete platform any biological organism, both spore forming and non-spore forming, will have the ultimate opportunity to become its best self in order to effectively and consistently deliver results in the field that are expected based on its properties. The future is here; join the movement.