AGPW obtains tremendous biopesticide results through LiveGrow™ platform.

Richland, Wash. - AGPW Group, an innovator of fermentation, manufacturing, and application of biological pesticides and stimulants, announced today that it completed its greenhouse study with tremendous results. 

The study began in the spring of 2016 and focused on testing three organisms, one Gram positive bacteria, one Gram negative bacteria, and one fungus tested against Pythium ultimum, a broad spectrum plant pathogen that is very economically important in both agriculture and T&O. These three test organisms were grown, formulated, and applied using the LiveGrow™ platform and compared to the best chemical fungicide mix currently available on the market.

Upon completion of the study in January of 2017, AGPW was extremely satisfied with the results. In all tests, microorganisms developed though the LiveGrow™ platform were not only highly effective against Pythium, but in many cases they performed better than the leading chemical treatment. The organisms used were not special strains designed for LiveGrow™, but were publicly available strains stated to be effective against a broad range of soil fungal pathogens. This further confirmed AGPW's theory, that any organism that is developed through LiveGrow™ platform is, by maintaining it active from production to application, fully prepared to quickly perform against intended pathogens.

In addition to efficacy, AGPW was also able to achieve several results that are of critical importance to the commercial sector. Formulations used in the tests consistently reached live cells or spore concentrations between 1E+9 – 1E+11 CFU/g, which is significantly greater than claimed by leading commercial biological products. This capability of LiveGrow™ will allow application of less product while still delivering highly effective results in the field. Throughout this study, microorganisms were also grown on different sizes and types of biodegradable man-made particles which will allow for different types of application from golf course greens to corn fields. 

"What this study essentially shows is that LiveGrow™ is not only capable of better results than chemical solutions, which is a huge accomplishment on its own, but with its application flexibility and high concentration of active organisms it will be able to deliver a broad spectrum of biological products at a low cost and high effectiveness never before possible for any biological product to date. LiveGrow™ platform will finally allow microbiological products to fully realize their potential as pesticides and biostimulants and become the main solution in the crop protection industry,” said AGPW Group's president.

AGPW began field trials in September, 2016 and is currently evaluating biopesticides on multiple diseases and crops throughout United States and Canada. If interested in joining the studies, please contact

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About Us

Since 2013, we have led the effort to redefine the way biological products are grown, formulated, manufactured, and delivered to the field. This effort has been full of discussion with the industry, sharing of knowledge, and strategic planning. In the end we came to two conclusions: our patent-pending technology is fundamentally different from every other approach that is currently being explored by the industry AND it is truly the future of not only biological but the entire crop protection industry. The reason for our thinking is that the three biggest problems that have held back biologicals from making a true impact are:

1. Their inability to consistently compete in various environments in the field.

2. High costs associated with their production.

3. Limited number of strains available due to limitations of current fermentation and formulation processes.

Our mission is to utilize our proprietary platform to position biological products as the main solution in the crop protection industry in the near future. We will accomplish this through our patent-pending LiveGrow™ platform that drastically redefines and improves the following aspects:

1. Fermentation - Revolutionary fermentation process that grows any organism or consortia of organisms into active microbial products that are more effective, consistent, and cheaper than their dormant biological counterparts and are as or more effective than their chemical competitors.

2. Manufacturing - An extremely inexpensive manufacturing model that produces active organisms without having to make them dormant for stabilization, is highly flexible to demand, is 100% waste free, and has a tremendous potential for extended shelf life.

3. Application - Breakthrough field application technology that delivers active microbes to the field and protects them from predation and unfriendly environmental conditions to ensure ultimate efficacy and consistency.

Through this complete platform any biological organism, both spore forming and non-spore forming, will have the ultimate opportunity to become its best self in order to effectively and consistently deliver results in the field.