AGPW delivers groundbreaking biopesticide field trial result against pink snow mold (Microdochium nivale)

Richland, Wash. - AGPW Group, an innovator in the fermentation, manufacturing, and application of microbial biopesticides and biostimulants, announced today that it successfully completed their first field trial of LiveGrow™ platform grown and applied fungus against pink snow mold on turf.

The project began in the Fall of 2016 and focused on testing AGPW's LiveGrow™ platform grown and applied fungus, Trichoderma sp., against pink snow mold on a tee of a golf course in north central Washington State using the course’s standard spray equipment. This course has snow on it for three to four months every year and has always suffered pink snow mold damage that caused significant turf losses every year, especially in the tees and greens. Fall application of the LiveGrow™ fungus dramatically reduced the incidence of pink snow mold this spring. "There was only a very small area of pink mycelia on the treated turf, but the untreated areas were covered in pink mycelia," said the course superintendent when the snow melted at the end of March. Later, after the grass started growing, the course superintendent stated that the grass in the treated area grew back faster, was denser, and gave a better playing surface sooner. These differences were still visible two months later in mid-June.

Due to the success of this trial, AGPW is expanding its LiveGrow™ efforts into several additional field trial projects on golf courses. One such project already underway is focused on testing an especially selected strain of the gram-negative bacteria Xanthamonas campestris as a selective herbicide for control of Poa annua. This type of bacteria has been well known for about 30 years as an excellent solution to Poa control, but no one was able to formulate it for commercial application since gram negative bacteria do not produce any resting forms. LiveGrow™ has easily overcome this barrier and early limited results have been extremely encouraging with eradication of Poa recorded.

"The success of this field trial is a huge boost to our vision of delivering highly effective biopesticides to problems that have not historically had effective solutions, both chemical or biological. Our ability to grow, maintain, and apply microbial organisms in their live and active state clearly gives our LiveGrow™ platform an advantage over existing processes used for production and application of biological products. We are extremely excited to soon announce additional field trial results in other sectors currently in our pipeline and begin product development in the near future," said AGPW's President, Andrey Pinchuk.

AGPW began field trials in the Fall of 2016 and is currently evaluating the development of biopesticides through its LiveGrow™ platform for multiple diseases, sectors, and crops. Strain owners interested in joining the studies or companies interested in licensing opportunities can contact

For further details of this field trial, and to learn more about LiveGrow™, please visit

About Us

Since 2013, we have led the effort to redefine the way biological products are grown, formulated, manufactured, and delivered to the field. This effort has been full of discussion with the industry, sharing of knowledge, innovative thinking, and strategic planning. In the end, we came to two conclusions: our patent-pending technology is fundamentally different from every other approach that is currently being explored by the industry AND it is truly the future of not only biological but the entire crop and T&O protection industry. The reason for our thinking is that the three biggest problems that have held back biologicals from making a true impact are:

1. Their inability to effectively and consistently compete in various environments in the field.

2. High costs associated with their production.

3. Limited number of strains available due to limitations of current fermentation and formulation processes.

Our mission is to utilize our proprietary platform to position biological products as the main solution in the crop and T&O protection industry in the near future. We are accomplishing this through our patent-pending LiveGrow™ platform that drastically redefines and improves the following aspects:

1. Fermentation - Revolutionary fermentation process that grows any organism or consortia of organisms into active microbial products that are more effective, consistent, and cheaper than their dormant biological counterparts and are as or more effective than their chemical competitors.

2. Manufacturing - An extremely inexpensive manufacturing model that produces active organisms without having to make them dormant for stabilization, is highly flexible to demand, is 100% waste free, and has a tremendous potential for extended shelf life.

3. Application - Breakthrough field application process that delivers active microbes to the field and protects them from predation and unfriendly environmental conditions to ensure ultimate efficacy and consistency.

Through this complete platform any biological organism, both spore forming and non-spore forming, will have the ultimate opportunity to maximize its mode of action in order to effectively and consistently deliver results in the field.