Our proprietary LiveGrow™ platform produces superior microbial crop protection and stimulatory products through a cost effective, patent-pending, fermentation, formulation, manufacturing, and application platform that keeps organisms metobolically active throughout the entire process. This process ensures that they are able to effectively perform to the best of their genetic properties while protecting them from the surrounding predation to ensure consistency of results in the field.


Our proprietary Bactofumigation™ technology is designed to replace existing soil fumigation chemistries. It is a result of interaction of proprietary soil microbes and harmless chemistries that result in effective soil fumigation while offering the following advantages:

  • No toxic drift
  • Safe for humans
  • The entire process is environmentally friendly
  • Rapidly biodegradable
  • Expected to be as effective as methyl bromide
  • Economically competitive

This technology is in early stages of proof of concept and does not currently qualify for collaboration with outside partners.