LiveTurf™ is the first product developed through our proprietary LiveGrow™ technology. It uses a combination of live Gram negative and Gram positive endophyte microbes to promote root division in order to overcome summer stress and stimulate turf’s resistance to diseases.


“Application of LiveTurf™ helped me to go through drought part of the season without loss of the turf and any appreciable damage.”

                                — Jeff Marcum, superintendent of Buckskin Golf Club

“The areas we sprayed have shown to be a healthier and thicker turf canopy. In the test areas on our greens, there was a definite line of where the product was applied. … A darker green color on the LiveTurf™ sprayed area versus the control half of the green, and (the treated areas) also seemed to stay green longer between our spoon feeding of the greens.”

— Eric Verellin, superintendent of Snoqualmie Falls Golf Course



LiveGrow™ technology is the missing link between effective microbial organisms and their successful commercialization.

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